Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snowy Sunday!!

When I rolled out of bed at 7:00, I was going to the kitchen to put on the coffee as I do every morning and peeped out the window and what to my wondering eyes should appear but snow covered decks, cars, trees, everything but the roads. The temp is only in the 20's and not supposed to get over 35 today. Brrrrrr.

On to church I go but missed Sunday School since my car was covered and I got frustrated trying to clean it off enough to see and for the other cars to be able to see ME!!!

Well, I had good intentions, however, one thing led to another and I didn't get there after all. Eric is still feeling poorly with whatever he has had for the past 5 days. I am beginning to think it's salmonella from the salad bar he had on Wednesday. He doesn't know what he might have gotten there that gave it to him. I fixed him an egg sandwich, which he said he was craving, but he was able to eat just half of it an drink a cup of hot chocolate. I'm having a cup of dark Mayan chocolate/coffee drink. It tastes so good and is something warm on such a cold day.

I watched the service from First Baptist Church in Morristown since I didn't get to church and the guest speaker was the president of Carson Newman College. His topic was forgiveness and it was a good lesson. We have all been wronged at one time or another and are still carrying that load with us everyday. I want to be able to forgive others, even though it's difficult at times to get that through my heart. I know in my head it is the right thing to do, but doing that can be difficult. I will pray about it and read the book that Monika gave me "Total Forgiveness". I have read bits and pieces, but will read the whole book and then I can pass it along to others who might like to read it.

Well, I'm signing off right now to do something else, sure is a good day to curl up and read and then drop off to sleep........

Quote of the day:
Assertiveness rules..if that's OK with you.


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