Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snowy Sunday!!

When I rolled out of bed at 7:00, I was going to the kitchen to put on the coffee as I do every morning and peeped out the window and what to my wondering eyes should appear but snow covered decks, cars, trees, everything but the roads. The temp is only in the 20's and not supposed to get over 35 today. Brrrrrr.

On to church I go but missed Sunday School since my car was covered and I got frustrated trying to clean it off enough to see and for the other cars to be able to see ME!!!

Well, I had good intentions, however, one thing led to another and I didn't get there after all. Eric is still feeling poorly with whatever he has had for the past 5 days. I am beginning to think it's salmonella from the salad bar he had on Wednesday. He doesn't know what he might have gotten there that gave it to him. I fixed him an egg sandwich, which he said he was craving, but he was able to eat just half of it an drink a cup of hot chocolate. I'm having a cup of dark Mayan chocolate/coffee drink. It tastes so good and is something warm on such a cold day.

I watched the service from First Baptist Church in Morristown since I didn't get to church and the guest speaker was the president of Carson Newman College. His topic was forgiveness and it was a good lesson. We have all been wronged at one time or another and are still carrying that load with us everyday. I want to be able to forgive others, even though it's difficult at times to get that through my heart. I know in my head it is the right thing to do, but doing that can be difficult. I will pray about it and read the book that Monika gave me "Total Forgiveness". I have read bits and pieces, but will read the whole book and then I can pass it along to others who might like to read it.

Well, I'm signing off right now to do something else, sure is a good day to curl up and read and then drop off to sleep........

Quote of the day:
Assertiveness rules..if that's OK with you.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

A whole new meaning to pay it forward

Saturday 2/21/09

A Whole New Meaning to "Pay it Forward"

On Wednesday last week as I was headed out from the office to get a bite of lunch, I looked in my wallet and realized I didn't have enough money to get a whole lot to eat, so I proceeded to run to the nearby branch of my bank to the ATM. Then, I couldn't think of anything that sounded like something I really wanted at that time, so I decided to go to Burger King to get a grilled chicken sandwich (only 5 points on Weight Watchers) and a diet Coke to go with it. Oh, how I wanted those fries to go along with it. I am a huge fan of french fries and I'm not kidding!! :) The line was rather long and by this time it was 12:30 and I really needed to be back at the office by 12:55 in order to get ready for my next patient.

While I was moving slowly up to the window to pay my $5.95 tab, I couldn't help but notice that in front of me there was a little yellow VW with a young woman driving. I actually noticed she had on ear rings so I guess she was a woman. She looked to be by herself. As I pressed on up to the window to pay, the girl who had taken my order and given me my total looked at me and she just had the biggest grin as she said "I have a message for you." My first thought was "how could she have a a message for me since she (a) doesn't even know me and (b) no one even knows I'm here and (c) if someone wanted to give me a message, I have a cell # which all my friends, family, and co-workers know and wouldn't hesitate to use . I know I must have looked shocked as I said very timidly "a message?" She said "yes, the lady in front of you has paid for your meal!" I was at a loss for words. I know I started blabbering about having heard of this before and I know that people do this type of thing, but since it had never happened to me, it was still just a string of words that had no meaning. I said finally, "oh my goodness!! What do I do?? I was so excited that someone would do this for me--someone I hadn't met and probably never will. The nice girl at the window replied "just pull forward and get your meal is all you need to do." She said it just like it happened every day. She seemed just as happy about it as I did. It was one of the best BK lunches I had eaten in a while just because someone had the kindness and the desire to buy my lunch. I was reminded of the Good Samaritan who took care of the wounded man by the road. I admit I wasn't "needing" help or anything akin to that, but just the thought warmed my heart. Now I can tell people who ask about "paying it forward" that "yes, I am well acquainted with the concept and it happened to me on day in February at the Burger King on Chapman Highway in Knoxville. I'm living proof that sometimes good things unexpectedly happen!!! I hope that someone will do something extra special for that young girl who bought my lunch and you can bet I will do my part to "pay it forward" for someone very soon!

Til the next time

"My Lord is more ready to pardon than you to sin, more able to forgive than you to transgress." � Charles Spurgeon

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome and the latest happenings

Well, it is a new year and I have a new blog!! Wesley keeps insisting that his mother "needs" a blog, so here it is, just for you, Wes.

I don't know that I have a lot to say unless it's about my beautiful family which consists of my wonderful husband, Eric, my fun and lovable son Wes, lovely wife Mary, and last, but not least my sweet, adorable love of my life grandson, Daniel who is 16 months old.

Daniel took his first steps on January 1st. How fitting. It was also on January 1st of 2007 they found out that they would be having a baby (their first) sometime late summer. He arrived on August 30 and I haven't quit bragging about him to all my friends, family, patients, and anyone else who would listen since then. He has the cutest ways and is the friendliest baby I have ever seen and that is the truth. Even when he is crying sometimes, he takes a split second to give a big toothy grin and that melts my heart every time.

We enjoyed having them at the house from Monday before Christmas until about 3:00 Christmas day when they had to return home to enjoy their Christmas at their home, which I can understand. It's important for them to start their own little traditions with their own family time. I did hate to see them go, though. Lucky for me and Eric, they came again last night and spent the night with us. We had coffee, freshly roasted beans compliments of Wes, an boy was it good!! We always get samples of new coffees when he visits. Need I say we look forward to the coffee, well, not as much as the bonding time we have with them.

I might be experiencing a little post-holiday depression of a sort. I felt like going back to bed after they left for home this morning, so I took my Sudoku puzzles and a Southern Living mag and went to my bedroom. After working a puzzle or 2, I fell asleep and enjoyed a nice restful nap. Eric went to the boat to take some measurements for putting in a stove. That is just one of the many projects he has going on at the time to make the boat trips a little more easy.

Last night we watched a movie called "Eagle Eye" It was a suspenseful and entertaining movie. It was a curious thing that the same actress, Rosario Dawson, starred in it and also starred in the movie that Eric and I went to see Friday night at the Carmike 12 in Morristown which also starred Will Smith--"Seven Pounds". Now that was a real tear jerker at the end. It was a case where one did the most giving thing a person can do for another human being. Maybe he did it out of guilt, but still, it was a totally selfless act which he did. Jesus said " Greater love hath no man than he lay down his life for his friends." I think this movie could be summed up by this statement. Better go watch it again!!!

Til next time...........